A beautiful Keepsake to remember your little ones tiny hand or footprint


We can take a hand or footprint of your child & carefully transform it into stitches & embroider it alongside a quote to create a Keepsake frame.


If you would prefer your childs birth details embroidered in place of the poem please state this above.


Please noe if you opt for this option you will not get the poem.


Please choose your choice of colour for the embroidery.


Please send us a photo of your prints with a white background, Prints taken with paint or very dark ink work best, very light ink prints do not work.


Please email them to keepsakehugs@yahoo.com


The footprint will be the same size as the footprint you send us, so may not look the same as the footprint shown on this picture

Your Childs Hand & footprint Keepsake Frame



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