Our Story

Keepsake Hugs began seven years ago.

After the birth of my first Daughter - Thalia, I decided that a regular 9-5 job, working for someone else was no longer right for me. I knew i wanted the flexibility of working from home and still spending time with my daughter.

I bought myself a cheap sewing machine and slowly taught myself to sew, starting with small sewing projects to creating my first Memory Blanket using Thalia's outgrown clothing.

My Memory Blanket proved to be popular with friends & family & that is where it all began.

Since starting my buisness in 2013, I have continuously grown my Keepsake collection and i'm always adding new designs to that already extensive collection.

It's always such a great priviledge to create each and every one of the Keepsakes i've created, and a great honour to be trusted with such special items of clothing that hold such special memories for my customers.

I look forward to creating your Keepsake.

Kirsty Moon



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